Phases of the warehouse loop



Acquisition Sales analysys



Acquisitions phase is responsible for bringing the goods from the supplier to your warehouse. Order goods at the right moment and choose the right quantity. Place the goods or the most convenient location in your warehouse.

Sales is responsible to bringing the goods from the warehouse to customers. Based on customer request create the sales order, pick the goods from locations in the warehouse deliver to customer.sales

Analysis brings efficiency to your warehouse:

  • There is a sensible balance between amount of stock you keep in your warehouse and the available cash you have. We use data collected over time to make decisions on the right amount of goods to buy so that cash is not uselessly locked in your stocks.
  • Running out of stock when customer demand increases leads to lost sales. Receive alerts when a product gets low on stock in your warehouse. Take preventive actions to avoid out of stock and keep serving well your customers.
  • How will your turnover look in the future? Use reports to build your strategy. Make accurate projections based on acquisitions and sales you already performed.analysis